Large Straw Stars

These look complicated but they are really not.

Once you get the hang of it you can make one really fast.

Beautiful to hang in a window.

You need:

Star template

cork board/tile


20 long soaked straws, no heads

thread or double sewing thread


1.Place your template on top of a cork board.

2.Stick a pin into every pointed end of the star.

3.Loosely tie together 20 straws in the middle, don’t make it too tight.

4.Pin the middle of the straws to the middle of the star and divide two straws to each end pin, like on the how-too image.

5.Bend one straw from each short star end and fold it from each side to meet the two straws on the long end. Tie together with thread.

6.Continue doing that all the way around.

7.Tie the short ends together all the way around.

8.Cut off excess straw at the ends and remove the pins.

You now have a beautiful star.

Wheat weaving tips!

*Start by cleaning the straws.Pull of any leafs.

*They need to be soaked in tepid warm water for between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

The way to test it to see if it’s ready is to bend a straw, if it snaps keep soaking. If it bends its good to go.

*If a straw is too short you van simply push another straw into it.

*Use double sewing thread, thats thread used for thicker fabrics. It will not cut as much into the straws as normal sewing thread will.

Photo by Paul Lowe