Dala Horses

The painted wood Dala horses are an old Swedish tradition.

Not just for the holidays but my mother had a big collection that she put out every Christmas.

She would place them on a large brass tray with votive candles.

Very magical.

I created my own Dala horses using something we all have(some more then others), Toilet paper rolls.

This is a fun idea to make with your kids, there are no rules.Just go ahead and have fun with it.

Craft+Styling+Photography by Paul Lowe

Dala Horses

You need:

toilet paper rolls


craft paint


ice cream sticks

thin cardboard

1.Start by cutting our a horse head like the ones in the image.

2.Paint the head, roll and sticks in one solid color.

3.Once that is dry you can add more paint as decor. The typical Dala colors is red, green, white and yellow.

4.Cut a slit on top of the roll and insert the head.Use some paper glue if it seems a little loose.

5.Make 4 slits underneath and stick in the legs.

Photo by Sweet Paul