Dreidel Bags

Easy to make and looks so cool.

It’s a great way to give away a bag of delicious pistachios plus you can add stuff in the little pocket.

Like a name tag, gift card, cash etc.

You need:

Dreidel template, find online

Glitter paper


Hot glue gun

Craft paper for tags

Small cellophane bags



1.Print out a dreidel template and cut out.

2.Trace onto the glitter paper, you will need two full dreidels and one half to made the little pocket.

3.Hot glue the two whole dreidels together and glue on the pocket.

4.Fill your cellophane bags with pistachios and tie up with some string.

5.Push the bag in-between the two dreidels and use the pocket for a name tag, gift card or cash.

Brought to you by our friends at American Pistachio Growers

Photo by Sweet Paul