Simple Braided Ornaments

A great way to start working with straw, it’s easy and fun.

This is what you need for one ornament:

3 soaked cleaned straws with the wheat head

double sewing thread

embroidery floss


1.Hold the 3 straws together and using the sewing thread to make a knot directly under the wheat heads.

2.Braid the straws together until you have a 8?-10? long braid, use the thread to make a knot to hold it together.

3.Pull the braid over so the end is just under the wheat heads, use floss to fasten it together.

4.Use your fingers to pull the braid into a nice loop.

Let it dry and its ready to hang.


Wheat weaving tips!

*Start by cleaning the straws.Pull of any leafs.

*They need to be soaked in tepid warm water for between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

The way to test it to see if it’s ready is to bend a straw, if it snaps keep soaking. If it bends its good to go.

*If a straw is too short you van simply push another straw into it.

*Use double sewing thread, thats thread used for thicker fabrics. It will not cut as much into the straws as normal sewing thread will.

Photo by Sweet Paul