Yarn & twine Christmas decorations

You will need:

3 inch Cookie cutter shapes (hearts, stars), cardboard, yarn and/or twine of your choice and a hole puncher.

Use a pencil to trace around the outer edge of cookie cutter shapes. Cut out with scissors. For hearts, place a smaller heart cookie cutter in center and trace around with a pencil. Carefully cut center out.

Tie end of a length of yarn or twine around cardboard cut out. Wind around shape until it’s completely covered. Tie off end of yarn or twine to finish. Punch a hole into the cardboard of each decoration (underneath the yarn or wool layers) then fit a loop of twine or yarn for hanging.

*We also made yarn covered letters (JOY), we used traced letters from a 3 inch alphabet stencil set. You could add a loop of twine to hang the letters on the tree.

Twig star wand

You will need:

6 x 3 inch twigs and 1 x 8 inch twig from the garden, twine and a hot glue gun.

Arrange 3 small twigs in a triangle shape; use twine to fasten ends together. Repeat with remaining 3 small twigs. Glue one triangle on top of the other.

Use glue to attached star to the top of the longer twig (wand). 

Burnt match stars

You will need:

6 x used long matches and a hot glue gun and twine.

Arrange 3 matches in a triangle shape, glue ends together. 

Repeat with 3 remaining 3 matches.  Glue one triangle on top of the other.

Attached a loop of twine for hanging.

Photo by China Squirrel