Festive Holiday Antipasti Board

Gather ‘Round the Tree! Sweet Paul partnered with DeLallo Foods to create a magical antipasti board that’s equally delightful for the eyes and the palate.

My favorite holiday tradition involves delicious nibbles, festive libations, and friends and family gathered around the tree. In Norway, we would always invite over a few family friends and drink tons of gløgg and sing carols. My mormor would fill every inch of the table with cheeses, cured fish, nuts, and dried fruit. She’d fill in the gaps with rosemary which made everything look and smell so lovely. This is my homage to those merry nights of yore.

I’m using DeLallo’s exquisite antipasti ingredients. Look for DeLallo in your local grocery stores or order online at DeLallo.com

Make the antipasti tree any shape you like to serve year-round!

We used the following Items:
Red Pepperazzi pepper
Lemon Feta Antipasti in Oil
Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Colossal Calamata Olives
Stuffed Grape Leaves
Marinated Artichokes
Garlic Stuffed Olives
Garlic Herb Stuffed Pepperazzi and Red Pepperazzi Peppers
Tons of fresh rosemary sprigs.

  1. To assemble, lay out the outline of a pine tree that matches the size of your surface and quantity of your ingredients.
  2. Fill in the tree with rosemary and then place bands of antipasti on top to decorate.
  3. Enjoy and replenish as needed.


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Photography by Paul Lowe