Gilda Pintxos: Spanish Anchovy, Pepper, & Olive Bar Snack

Olive, anchovy, and a spicy pickled guindilla pepper! The most iconic pintxo in the north of Spain is the Gilda, named after the Rita Hayworth film,Gilda. It’s spicy and sexy and best eaten in one bite!

A beguiling femme fatale (Rita Hayworth) gets even with her bitter ex-boyfriend (Glenn Ford) by marrying his boss, a mysterious Buenos Aires casino owner. One of the great film noirs of the Forties! Click the image above to watch the movie!

Photos by Goor Studio and text by Paul Vitale.


You will need:
1 tin anchovies from Spain 1 jar guindilla peppers
1 jar salty Spanish olives
several skewers

  1. Cut guindillas in half.
  2. Skewer an olive, a guindilla, an anchovy, another guindilla, and another olive.
  3. Repeat until all of your anchovies have been used.