The Perfect Cheeseboard with Printable Labels

There are not really any rules when it comes to creating the perfect cheeseboard. We have created these lovely rustic labels for you. They can be used to identify the cheeses on the cheese board, or you can even use them as gift tags.


In addition to your delicious Vermont Creamery cheeses, you need something sweet, like blueberries, fresh or dried figs, and honey. You also need something salty, like roasted nuts. And don’t forget your favorite crispbread or crackers.

Simply download and print the labels out on card stock. You can make them bigger or smaller all depending on what you are using them for. Glue them onto a toothpick to add to your cheeseboard.

Link to downloadable labels file


Makes 1

• Vermont Creamery Coupole
• Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche
• Vermont Creamery Bijou
• Vermont Creamery Cranberry Goat Cheese