Phyllo dough kicks these treats up a notch!

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From Mary: "I've put together A LOT of parties and no celebration feels complete without pigs in a blanket. No matter how fancy the party is, it is amazing to see how happy guests become at the appearance of this little hot dog treat. We call it the "Blanket Stalk" when a party guest follows the waiter carrying the trays of pigs around the party - and it happens! I just love how easy to make and satisfying these homey treats are. I also like to make a version I call the 'skinny pig' using whole wheat phyllo and chicken apple sausage."


Pigs in a Blanket
16 sheets of phyllo dough
8 All Beef Hot Dogs (Sabrett are my favorite)
1 cup nice mustard

  1. Lay two sheets of dough for each full hot dog
  2. Brush mustard on inside of phyllo and roll around hot dog tightly
  3. Place on baking sheet seam down
  4. You can also brush the outside of the phyllo with melted butter for a little extra taste and color
  5. Bake according to phyllo package directions until golden
  6. Slice into bite sized pieces
  7. Serve with more mustard for dipping


Use chicken sausage to cut the calories a bit!

Photography by Mary Giuliani

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